Wednesday, November 12, 2008

When Times Are Tough, the Obama Campaign Wants to Sell You Another Campaign Tee-Shirt

imageDavid Plouffe, the campaign manager for Obama for America, just sent me an email to make sure I send him $30 or more to refill the DNC coffers. (In exchange, I will receive a tee-shirt that, we assume was made with union labor.  So the net to the DNC should be around $5.) 

So, despite Obama's record-shattering fundraising, and the absence of any need to fund a legal defense against campaign fund-raising violations, the DNC is bankrupt.  Where did all of the money go?

What is most shocking is not the panhandling after an election; Robert Duncan - RNC chair - sent me a plea for dollars two and a half hours earlier in the day.  What is stunning is that from a campaign that owes their victory to an economic crisis, they become suddenly tone-deaf about what is truly important to the voters.  In his words:

We'll get to work transforming this country. But first, we need to take care of the DNC.

Are we to assume that if the DNC remains broke, the country will just have to wait?  Leave it to the party of the donkey to put the cart ahead of the horse.

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