Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Save the Date: More Obamacentric Lunacy on Election Day

image It showed up in my inbox late yesterday afternoon.  Invited but still unwelcome, each day I receive the propaganda email distributed by the Obama campaign.  I have learned by experience to keep a supply of air sickness bags in my laptop bag to use in case of rapid lunch loss.

The one sent to me yesterday was different from those preceding it, in that it did not direct me to remind my friends that the RNC is somehow responsible for Biden's gaffes.  Nor did it offer yet one more explanation that the Obama tax plan is not socialist even though it raises taxes on the people who create jobs and makes payments to the poor. 

No, this one was different because in a time of great economic crisis, when all Americans should regard every dollar they earn as precious, Jon Carson - Obama's field marshal - advocated... taking Election Day off?

The text of the email reads:

Bryan --

Ask your Boss. Ask your Professor.

Take Election Day off and volunteer to make history.

Watch this video and sign up to help get out the vote on Tuesday, November 4th:

Watch the video

This election will be decided by what this grassroots movement can accomplish on Election Day.

We have volunteer shifts to fill throughout the day -- make calls, knock on doors, and make sure your fellow voters get to the polls.

No previous experience is required. Sign up now to take the day off and make history on November 4th:


Jon Carson
National Field Director
Obama for America

(I left every single glorious syntax, grammatical and punctuation error intact for your review.  Capitalizing 'Boss' and 'Professor'?  At least Obama isn't running to become the Education President.)

Now I am going to tweak the text, flare the contrast knob and squelch the color a little so it's easier to interpret the black and white in Carson's message.  Cutting through the bull, here's the subtext:

Bryan --

November 4th is "Elect Barack Day'.  There is no higher responsibility than attending to the duty of electing Barack.

If he fails to win election, it could be because you were selfish and chose to fulfill your responsibilities to your families and employers instead of working for Barack, who loves you and wants only good things.

Don't be challenged by a lack of experience in political action.  If you have worked with the homeless or mentally incompetent, or if you can drive a van and know your way around the inner city, you have all the skills required.

Barack gives you permission to do this and he knows that you want him to win.  He also knows when you've been bad or good.  So be good, for goodness sakes, and vote Barack.

Barack thanks you.  May Barack live a long and healthy life.

Thanks be to Barack,

National Field Marshal
Obama for Amerikca

Only in America could freedom of expression open the door for the kind of egotistical charismatic ideologue we have with Obama.  There is too much worship in the politics of Obama, too much call to re-prioritize everyday life and place Obama and his agenda at the forefront of our lives.  Whether it is in the aggressiveness of his plans to fine families who are too poor to buy healthcare but too "affluent" to qualify for state-run programs, or in his expansion of volunteerism (see "community organizing", see "liberal political activism") as an exchange for government subsidized college loans, one feels the chill wind that precedes a shift in the culture. 

What the Obama campaign's "Take the Day Off for Barack" campaign symbolizes is the all-too-familiar double-standard of the candidate and his followers.  On the stump, Obama leans in to the podium when he speaks about the need for America to get back to work, with the exception of days when their services are more useful to him, one man.  Mr. Obama should take a lesson from Star Trek's Mr. Spock who lived by the creed that, "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few," or, in this case, "The One".

Being elected president may get your picture hung in every government office but leadership of people requires respect for their values, not cultivating a culture of adoration for oneself.

I hope that the McCain campaign team are able to find a way of countering the chilling nature of the superficially innocent "Take the Day Off for Barack" push.  When viewed as a part of a wave of over-the-top Obamacentrism generated by the Illinois senator's campaign, the clear picture emerges of a man whose ego is not restrained by humility, that response in our psyche that balances us and reminds us of our fellow man.  This declaration of Election Day as a pseudo-holiday for Obama sends a tingle through me, but, unlike like some media pundits, mine runs down my spine and not up my leg.

My wish is for McCain to deliberately and loudly call attention to this stunt by cheering Americans to do what they have always done on Election Day - work hard, go to school and vote early.  There is much that is great about this country but our ability to arrange our schedules to both work/study and vote is not an amazing feat.

Put another way, if a person's right to vote isn't important enough for them to a) arrange to vote absentee, or b) plan to waken early enough to get to the polls when they open, or c) take advantage of the atrocious early voting laws in many states to find a window of time that works with their schedule, if none of those opportunities seems convenient enough for them, it would seem that taking Election Day off from work or school would just be an excuse to not work or study.

If Obama's run for the White House is successful, can we expect more Barack-themed holidays?  Will there be 'Volunteer for Barack Days' and 'Get Green with Barack Days'?  Franklin Delano Roosevelt styled himself as the country's omniscient father- America's answer to the USSR's Josef Stalin.  Will Americans be invited to fireside chats hosted by our cool Uncle Barack, broadcast live on CNN.com from a Starbucks near you?

America deserves better than to be run by an overgrown kid who just wants everyone to ditch school because he's throwing a pool party.  So, please, work on Election Day, vote on Election Day, and but be responsible and cast a ballot for any candidate who isn't whispering in your ear that it's okay to play hookie.

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  1. I have a burning question that I don't hear people discussing. Obama has made clear his disdain for the Constitution. If elected, how will he take the oath of office to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States?" Except by lying. Under oath.


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