Monday, October 13, 2008

McCain Gives Stage-Setting Speech in Virginia Leading Up to Debate

I don't know how many times Senator McCain can come out of the political coma his campaign keeps lapsing into, but his speech this morning in Virginia Beach, VA, is certainly an indication that John S. Lazarus McCain III is rising once again.

The only place I found the entire speech was on McCain's own website.  Follow this direct link to take you to a page that has a full video and the text of his speech.  The speech begins almost immediately.

(Make sure to watch Governor Palin's expressions of genuine admiration as she listens to the speech from behind him on the stage.)

Intuition guides me to think that if the McCain campaign can wrangle the right kind of media coverage, this speech will be the stage-setter and McCain will carry the momentum into the last debate.  His strategy appears to be to use this last verbal clash to put everything out there, and Obama will not have the "next time" to improve.  Ordinarily, saying that McCain's entire campaign rides on this debate would be considered hyperbole and cliche.  In this case, it is not an exaggeration.

It's no wonder that I couldn't find the speech in its entirety on  Why it wasn't available on, I can't explain.

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