Wednesday, October 8, 2008

No Handshake, Michelle?

Because of my insistence on removing the influence of television from my home, I had the serendipitous fortune to watch it on  After the debate had ended, the candidates wives came out into the speaking arena and the tension between the two was electric and visible.

Even though Senator McCain and Senator Obama politely shook hands and chatted for a moment, Michelle Obama or Cindy McCain appeared to deliberately avoid making any such appearance of civility.  They actually walked past each other two or three times without so much as glancing in the others direction.

Obviously the attacks are working, on both sides.  Cindy mentioned something about the hostility of the Obama campaign.  We won't hear from Michelle because Mr. Obama and his buddies have muzzled her because that's what men who respect women do.  Right?  Maybe Barack is the one who made it clear to his wife that she was not allowed to shake McCain's hand.

There's something to be said for poise.  Michelle Obama has none.

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