Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Russian Navy Training Extends to Indian Ocean

Joint Indo-Russian Exercise to Train on Carrier-Destroying Tactics

The navy of the Russian Federation is once again sailing on all of the globe's major oceans, projecting power to all strategic regions.  According to our friend at Naval Open Source Intelligence:

Russia's most potent nuclear-powered heavy missile cruiser sets out on a voyage to India from here on Tuesday to participate in joint naval wargames with the Indian Navy in January next year.

"Pyotr Veliky" (Peter-the-Great), known as the 'Killer of Aircraft Carriers' will be in warmer waters of the Indian Ocean for large-scale exercises with the Navy, during which they will train on how to destruct aircraft carriers.

This announcements comes on the heels of the Russian Navy's joint exercises with Venezuela in the Carribbean and the round-trip of the destroyer Admiral Chabanenko through the Panama Canal, the first time such a voyage has occurred since World War II.


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