Wednesday, December 24, 2008

An Early Merry Christmas and Note of Thanks

File:Adoracao dos magos de Vicente Gil.jpgChristmas is a time best spent with loved ones, which is exactly what I will be doing during the next two days. 

So today I want everyone who has visited Unequal Time this year or read my work on Blogcritics or to know how much their readership this year has meant to me.  I will always commit to publish work that respects your intelligence and your time.  Even got in the act and ran a snappy block quote of mine.  Thank you, Ed.

I must be doing something right because according to a gadget powered by Technorati this blog was worth $1,693.92 as of 4:00pm PT today.  (Of course, when I get my TARP package from Hank Paulson I will have to settle for 25 cents on the dollar.)

A special debt of gratitude goes to Lisa Albers - deputy editor of Crosscut - who was instrumental in my first non-blog publication.  Sometimes it takes a push from the right direction. 

But the greatest thanks I need to give are to my fiancee.  A writer's mate often serves as critic, proofreader and cheerleader, roles that are paradoxically rewarded with periods of loneliness.  Although I feel I can never repay her for the support she has given me while being my second set of eyes and sounding board, I do want her (and, I suppose, everyone reading this) to know that there is no limit to the value she has in my life and her praise buoys me even when the entire continent of Europe seems ready to take up arms against me as judged by comments to a piece I wrote describing why I thought President-elect Obama's foreign policy objectives in Europe would fail to be achieved.

After Christmas, make sure to come back as I have a number of exciting features planned, as well as getting back in a routine of posting smaller stories with commentary and links. (There may even be a redesign in the works to make navigation easier.  Blogger is great but has its limitations.)  2009 promises to be a very interesting year, potentially one that stands out as being pivotal in our nation's history.  I will work hard to make sure that Unequal Time is a source of information and analysis that will help you discuss and confront the challenges ahead. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All!


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