Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Seeds Have Been Planted for Post-Election Democrat Claims of Election Fraud

It appears that the public relations team lurking behind the Obama campaign has seized upon a Government Accounting Office (GAO) report which identifies a series of problems with voting machines and voter roll maintenance programs not addressed since the last national election in 2004.  The angle of the story ( is that these problems exist in the same key swing states that have recently been trending in McCain's direction - Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Will the outcome of this election be immediately challenged if McCain is victorious?  The odds on it are probably better than the odds of your stock portfolio seeing any capital gains this quarter.

The Democrats have proven to be masters of the art of molding public opinion through the use of push polls and feeding stories to the media.  This is no exception.

The Dems are playing with nitroglycerin.  They have cried, "Stolen Election!" in the past four contests, fueling alienation and anger in a large group of voters.  Added to the mix this year, is their other pet project, "The Race Card", and I fear that the combination will create an explosive reaction on November 5th if McCain has won the election in constitutional terms.

The two-pronged strategy of undermining fundamental election laws and priming public opinion to see a McCain victory is tainted may produce results in this election that are not as easy to contain as in the Kerry/Edwards loss of 2004.


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