Monday, September 15, 2008

The People Ignore Celebrity Politico-Babble; Why Can't the Media?

Old Dogs Don't Learn New Tricks Until the Old Bone Stops Tasting Good

Memo to {Insert Name of Hollywood Left-Wing Notable Here}:

The brain is a tool for sorting through rational arguments. 

Your brain, specifically, ceases to function properly when the paparazzi show up.

Any questions?

The Hollywood left is not political and I am not writing that with sarcasm.  Politics is the process through which power is shared and celebrities do not like sharing.  Celebrities like Pam Anderson, Oprah, Susan Sarandon or so many like-minded glitterati have only one common motivator - they don't like being upstaged.

Like moths to the porch light, whenever cameras take aim, it is impulse that propels their insertion into the spotlight.  Bonded by lack of secondary talents to a career in entertainment, the urge to take center stage is very likely beyond their control.  A sixth sense alerts the common celebrity that attention is being paid to someone other than them and the body and mouth take over.  The brain, often, gets left behind in the shuffle.

During the campaign, whether it has been Senator Obama or Governor Palin soaking up camera time, the stars have "leaned in" whenever and wherever possible.

When everything in your world tells you that "you" are the center of it, and that must be compounded on a daily basis by how little effect the average celebrity has on the world around them. 

In cosmic terms, the American celebrity is like a massive black hole, an object of such density that it consumes energy and matter but throws nothing back out to the universe that feeds it.

But when celebrity commentary intersects with politics, we have the equivalent of a having a belly dancer perform at a one year-old's birthday party.  A lot of movement that distracts from the real purpose and which leaves you a little nauseous.

As mimicry is the first resort of children when they want attention, it is only natural that the celebs will begin to babble about politics when Americans start diverting their interest in that direction.  Right now that big bad Sarah Palin is getting everyone's attention and it's just not fair. 

It's just not fair because in contrast to Obama, Palin isn't willing to pander to their liberal agenda and doesn't get stars in her eyes just thinking about rubbing elbows with the chosen few.  She has, in effect, said to Hollywood, "And I should know who you are because...?"

(We all that Senator Obama is omnipotent therefore is already aware that without popularity the celebs would be spending as much time talking up his policies as they will spend talking up the next Tom Selleck project.)

The celebs are like the friend we all had in college who had an uncanny ability to show up just after the pizza arrived and just before the hat was passed around to pay for it.

By not selling out to Babylon, Palin and McCain send the message that they will not ignore the hypocrisies of the Hollywood liberal elite.  They have achieved complete understanding that box office numbers to not translate into votes at the ballot box even if Hollywood has not. 

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