Thursday, August 28, 2008

What is Fascism Anyway?

One of the hallmarks of a fascist mind set is the need to make all of those who disagree with you evil and wrong.  It is not enough to disagree, and it is certainly not tolerable to allow a person to speak on their own behalf: They must be shouted down, preferably silenced.

The central strength of American society is its rejection of this way of thinking, and we have historically drawn a line in where a person's right to free speech ends.  That line has been determined by multiple Supreme Court rulings to be when a person's speech, either by incitation or implied consent, calls for violence.

In the attached video, which is making the rounds of the blogosphere already--beginning at the 2:45 mark--you will see that a mob of "peaceful" demonstrators in Denver for the Democratic National Convention surrounds conservative opinion journalist Michelle Malkin.  The mob is led by Alex Jones, a syndicated radio host, who pursues Malkin on a variety of scattered issues by screaming wildly about her being a "fascist" and that she "wants to put Americans in camps".  Jones also shoves a man standing beside Malkin who appeared to be attempting to calm the situation. (The man should be applauded for coming to the aid of a woman who was in a dangerous environment.)

When another group of protestors--who have completely surrounded Malkin--around him begins to chant "Kill Michelle Malkin", Jones continues his belligerent tirade without comment to subdue to call to violence.  Neither did the many Denver police officers witnessing the entire event make ANY attempt to either separate Malkin from the mob, and as of this moment, no charges have been made against any of the demonstrators for calling for Malkin's death.

Is this the America Senator Obama wants us to vote for?

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